Cape Verde, West Africa

2013-2018 Our Mission

  • Identified this people as less than 2% evangelized with no current evangelical group engaged.
  • Arrived and met several local believers and one pastor, with a heart to reach their people but no one to train them.
  • Focus on Main Island of Sao Tiago for first 9 months.
  • Inception Team deployed in late March, 2013 to lay foundational work with Mission Pastor.
  • Deploy “Instigators” every 90 days for first 18 months to train nationals and strengthen evangelism and discipleship infrastructure.
  • Begin adding Islands, one by one, sending nationals in as Instigators by month 9.  Currently, gospel work has moved to four (4) more islands, of nine (9) fully indigenously.
  • Minimize “White face” influence to “Zero” on other islands.
  • Begin exit strategy once 3rd generation of churches was seen.  Exit strategy has begun, effective August 1, 2018.  Will spend 18-24 months completing this phase with emphasis on reproducibility and releasing of new churches and deploying trained leaders to other new fields in nations of influence among Cape Verdians.
  • Burden from Cape Verdians to target unreached people groups in Senegal, Guinea Bissau and northern Portugal.

Field Logistics

  • Team trips will be 8 days on the ground, 2 travel days.
  • Team sizes will be 4-7 max, plus Team Leader, Translators and Nationals.
  • Typical cost per team member is $2,800 for air and ground
  • Team Travel Months are March-September.
  • Training Required: Prior to deployment: 9 weekly, 1 ½ hour meetings in Cross Cultural and CPM/Instigator training.
  • All teams have been ceased in mid 2018 due to rapid movement achieved by local workers and three (3) churches have reached 3rd generation reproducibility.  PRAISE THE LORD!!!