CisandJercroppedJerry and Cissy Smith, Port St.Lucie, FL

Married 15 years, four children, business owners, involved in their church…two and a half years ago, God turned things upside down in each of their lives and in their marriage.

When God called them…

Cissy shares this, “Through the testing of our marriage, owning a business and having a “lukewarm” walk with the Lord, Jerry began to feel God’s call to sell our business, our only source of income, to pursue ministry.  As Jerry obediently followed the leading of the Holy Spirit, his life began to change.  God also drew me to a deep surrendered life in Christ.  As our relationship with the Lord grew, we felt a “stirring” to get busy serving God, sharing the Gospel.”

Where God has taken them…

“God placed divine appointments in our lives, nudging us out of our “bubble of comfort” to a boldness with eternal impact.  We were re-united with my youth pastor and long time friend, who even performed our wedding.”

“Rex shared his vision to spread the gospel across nations and we felt an urgency to participate in something bigger than ourselves.  We joyfully partnered with GMS financially, prayerfully, and now physically as Jerry will be part of the first  team going to Cape Verde, West Africa on March 29.”