Our Board Members are some incredible folks!  They love God, love their families and love the Church.  They have a passion for global kingdom work, they give and they go!  This Board is fully engaged as ambassadors, visionaries and act as catalysts for our support raising efforts each year.  Most have gone on the field, all have given to send others.  Rex and Marti, along with all our staff are grateful to be led by these wonderful, godly folks.

Chad Luck, Ballground, GA-Chairman of the Board

chadangelaFor 2022-2023, Chad will lead our Board as Chairman.  Chad and his wife Angela, are business professionals, both being very committed to leading in the local church as Bible Study facilitators and desire to see the local church their own Community, City and the Nations.  Chad has been on the field in West Africa twice and is now a trained Team Leader for our organization, able to lead and mobilize workers from the US, to go and engage Portuguese speaking nations.  This family has been a major source of encouragement and wisdom for GMS, causing us to be stronger and better at what we do.  Chad and Angela are empty nesters, have two grown children and reside in Ballground, GA.



Blake Evans, Canton, GA- Treasurer

Blake has been our financial and accounting officer since we began this ministry.  His giftedness in administration and budgeting has led us to strong integrity and financial accountability to our Board, financial partners and what goes along with reporting and operating a 501(c)(3) as required under IRS rules.  Blake, a corporate leader with a global software company, along with his wife Sheree have been faithful as financial partners with GMS since the beginning.  Blake and Sheree are dear friends with Rex and Marti and invest heavily in kingdom work around the world.


Joe Haubeck, Marietta, GA

Joe and Mary Haubeck

Joe and Mary Haubeck

This family has been with us when we were solely working in Brazil and has remained a major influence and force for GMS through the years.  They helped steer us through a critical transition of focus and into another nation in West Africa.  Joe, a professional technician for Delta Airlines, along with wife Mary, have supported this ministry for years and seek to enlarge our reach in influence, expand our financial support base and embrace new areas of the globe as we focus on reaching Portuguese speaking nations around the world.


Craig Jochum, Palm City, FL

The Jochum Family

The Jochum Family

Craig is a lifelong friend of Rex and Marti.  The Jochum family has supported this ministry aggressively since they became involved with us as financial partners two years ago.  Craig, a health care professional, along with wife Holly have been a tremendous support in getting the word out about GMS and readily talk about their involvement in our ministry.  Rex and Marti have watched Craig’s walk with Christ for over twenty years and love his passion for the Church and the nations.   They are great ambassadors for GMS in the South Florida area.



Adriane Moura, Freeport, FL


Adriane and Silvino, a wonderful young couple that have a huge heart for kingdom work both stateside and around the World.  Adriane is just finishing up her Doctorate in Engineering at GA Tech and husband Silvino is a professional fire fighter.  Both have been in the field and served in Cape Verde.  They are leaders in the local church, ministering to young married couples through small groups. Silvino is fluent in Portuguese, helping our teams and local leaders when in the field with translation of training materials.




Marisa Brown, McKinney, TX


Marisa and Zach are both deeply entrenched in Gospel work in the local church, ministering to special needs families on a weekly basis and they get on planes and fly to faraway places to share the Gospel too!  Marisa and Zach both are corporate professionals.  Marisa adds tremendous administration for timely tax reporting for GMS.  Zach has served out nation as a Marine and has a heart for reaching the world with the Gospel.