• Entry planned for early 2019 to engage 12 unreached people groups in the north are of this nation.

  • Early 2019 Field entry to work among several unengaged people groups north of Dakar.

  • Brazil is only 4% Evangelized! “Over a century of mission work, we have shared the Gospel with this Nation but we have not engaged ourselves to train them to reach and disciple their own people. We cannot just bring the “Jesus Film” in and ask for a decision!”” 22 year IMB Missionary wanting to remain anonymous […]

  • Cape Verde, West Africa 2013-2018 Our Mission Identified this people as less than 2% evangelized with no current evangelical group engaged. Arrived and met several local believers and one pastor, with a heart to reach their people but no one to train them. Focus on Main Island of Sao Tiago for first 9 months. Inception […]