As we begin our exit strategy from Cape Verde after 5 years of wonderful work, we are looking to new fields where the Gospel has never been heard.  Since stepping into the culture of Cape Verde, we have seen God move in such a wonderful and amazing way.  We give God all the praise and glory, as we have truly seen a completely indigenous movement of the Gospel and church planting.

Of the 45 plus churches, 3 of them have reproduced themselves to the 3rd generation which means they literally have children, grandchildren AND great grandchildren churches THEY have instigated, trained locals to lead and released them to function as a body of Christ according to Acts 2:41-47!

The key elements were the following:

  • The Holy Spirit was clearly in front of this work.
  • We partnered only with a local Believer.
  • We used biblical Acts based strategy (Four Fields), not focusing on a buildings but people and their homes.
  • We only instigated the work, modelled and then trained and released the local to do the work.
  • No group or church was initiated by an America worker.
  • Our only financial investment has been renting an apartment as a training hub and printed materials to train workers.

Because of these elements, we have seen a very strong and natural movement of the Gospel to over 60 villages, some of which even our partner was not aware existed until the Gospel was moved into that area of a nation where he was born and raised.

Now, we have a deep well of trained church planters and trained workers to move among people groups and nations on the mainland of Africa with similar context, language and skin color. Our targets are North Senegal and Guinea Bissau, moving a few workers in the begin instigating Gospel work.