Brazil is only 4% Evangelized!

“Over a century of mission work, we have shared the Gospel with this Nation but we have not engaged ourselves to train them to reach and disciple their own people. We cannot just bring the “Jesus Film” in and ask for a decision!””

22 year IMB Missionary wanting to remain anonymous

It was our goal to bring Church Planting Movement (CPM) strategy, including T4T and contextual gospel movement training to what has been 14 years of chapel construction and stateside church planting partnerships to cause American evangelical churches to engage global kingdom work.  This shift proved to be impossible to transition this field to rapid multiplication  from western church modeling (church growth).


Our Mission

  • We spent nearly 16 years in NE Brazil, focused in the States of Bahia and Sergipe, working through chapel construction church planting process with the International Mission Board (IMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention.
  • Six chapels were built and pastors funded into place in partnership with the Brazilian Baptist Convention and a local “mother church”.  Two came as the result of multiplication.
  • Exit strategy begun in late 2012 when we realized, if we did not leave, they would not grow and indigenous movement would not be attained.
  • We sought to bring Brazilian workers to Cape Verde to show them true church planting movement (CPM) work rather than induced church planting from western pressure.
  • Overall, failure occurred to transfer to CPM work for Brazilian workers.
  • We abandoned any workers from Brazil being sent to Cape Verde to train at the end of 2014 since there was no openness from leadership once they returned to their churches.