And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.  Genesis 1:3

I was recently asked, “Rex, what news agencies do you get your information from?”  My answer was, “Scripture!  I can’t really count on any others!”

We used to not have a problem with that, believing that God spoke and it happened!  We used to live a disciplined life and now call those that still do, legalistic.  We tend to worry more about offending others and have no concern whatsoever about offending God!  We think those around us just need a fresh cup of water, when what they need is a fresh confrontation with the blood…of Jesus!  Let’s not think for minute, human needs have changed over time!

I saw a post on Facebook a few days ago, that basically said this, “As Donald Trump denies Climate Change, these kids die of it”, showing a picture of a malnourished child in a South Africa trying to eat a cactus.  This is a perfect way to make my point about something that is at the core of where we are as a church these days…We have taken on the offenses and causes of others and have forgotten that ALL authority is God’s and comes from Him alone!  Really Rex?  Don’t you have compassion for the hungry?

Let me explain.  To think that any person or organization holds the keys to starvation or even the process of this planet we live on…has lost their way and forgotten that just as God spoke it all into being, He holds the end in His sovereign hands too!  Who is the Author of life?  Who knows the thread count of every hair on every head of every person ever born?  Who is called to care for the widows and orphans?  Do we not remember that this place is temporary?  Didn’t we once believe that this place will burn up in the end and there IS a countdown that began when God spoke creation into being?  Climate change…of course there is…this place is going away!  It’s not political or environmental, it’s biblical!  So, which one of these three drives and motivates us?

Now, am I saying to not feed the hungry?  Am I saying we should just toss caution to the wind and not care?  Nope!  In my biblical view, I believe God created the church at large to help meet the needs of the world, not a government nor a person in a political office.  When we take on social needs and even assume the offenses of others, unto our shoulders, above and beyond a biblical world view…we are absolutely bankrupt and shipwrecked in our faith!  We now believe the world and not God.  His voice is no longer sovereign to us.

We are so worried about offending anyone, we cannot deliver the truth in love anymore!  Our love is actually…not love at all!

I think we misunderstand the word “love”.  We think “love” means to tolerate and to accept, regardless of anything.  Love is so much more than that!  Love means to give in such a way, that it could cost you everything, even your own life.  For example, to love someone and be silent when you know full well they are heading into disaster isn’t love at all…it’s fear and actually not love at all!  The Bible actually refers to it as being an “enemy” rather than a friend.

“Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but the enemy multiplies kisses.”  (Proverbs 27:6)

So, just because I think “Climate Change” is real, am I shipwrecked in my faith?  Well, if you are consumed with blaming a government or car emissions over it….YES!  But if it causes you to run to the REAL battle and begin reaching people for the cause of Christ, shattering darkness with the Good News and then engaging in training them to do the same…then, No!

This morning I was reminded…and warned by God’s Holy Spirit, to not take His words lightly and as suggestions.  I was also challenged to be loving…the way God loves, not the way man loves…speaking truth in love when it needs to be done, knowing full well it could cost you a friendship but in the end, it could save a persons life.

Yes, there are times we need to hand someone a cup of cool water and just tell them we love them.  But, we need to understand too, there are times when they need a good dose of the Blood of Jesus on them.   We need to stop assuming the offenses of those around us and simply walk in the truth of God’s Word.  If we do, compassion will flow because we desperately need God ourselves…and if we are consumed by that, we will see others in love and not judgment.