Just returning from the field in Brazil, I am amazed at what God has allowed us all to see, hear and participate in this year.  God has allowed us to train over 130 Believers in two nations how to share Christ and disciple new Believers to become multipliers of the Gospel message in their own village, town, city and even their nation!  There is fruit everywhere!

In Cabo Verde, West Africa we are seeing a very strong movement of the Gospel and the creating of small groups occuring in several villages.  In one poor village of 4,000 people, Achada Mato,  we saw a group seven new Believers started in April, local Believers we trained in discipleship went in two or three times per week for discipleship and within just four months (4 months), this Group solidified and expanded and is now an official church body!  I was privileged to preach the inaugural message back in August.  They could not hold all the people that are coming, so they have moved the church meetings to the street in front of the house they were using!

In Brazil, there is a revival occuring among leaders now.  We were able to train several pastors and other Followers, totaling 60, in “T4T” (Reaching and Discipleship Multiplication Training).  We have seen a movement to mobilize churches into unreached areas, up to 100km from their own churches.  In one village of 1,800 people, “Malhada Grande”, we saw five new Groups started this year.  This is a huge work of God because this village is mostly widows and children.

These are just a few stories and very small snapshot of what God is doing and how He is using GMS and our partnerships in two nations.  Please pray for us…join with us…to reach the Nations!


Rex Briant, Founder of GMS