“Foreign Object Damage…a substance, debris or article alien to a vehicle or system which would potentially cause damage.”

As things get even more “turned up” in this world, we are seeing a huge struggle occurring in the church and even the falling away of so many from the Faith.  This isn’t a “judgment call” on my part at all, it’s an observation simply because there is so much made visible these days on Facebook, Twitter and all the media…and it seems like no one is really caring what they are portraying their lives to be or what others might think.  Of course, what others think shouldn’t matter because that would be judgment on their part!  But I am wondering if we are getting to the place where we don’t care about what God thinks…of course other than, “God wants me to be happy!”

This Blog could easily be exited right now because you are thinking I will go on a rant about what others are into and living in with what seems like, the idea that grace is a license to sin…STOP!  It’s not!  This Blog comes from the depth of my heart as a member of the Body of Christ…who battles on the same ground you do all day long.  So I am in the same world, at the same time and fighting as hard as I can too.  I can relate!

Getting back to “FOD”.  I picked this term up when I started flying turbine jets in the RC hobby world several years ago.  We use the same basic turbines (but smaller) as the big boys do and we would put a protective screen over the front to allow air to flow in but keep the “FOD” out.  “FOD” was our enemy!  A shot of “FOD” coming through and we were fairly certain of damage to the engine and loss of the engine power too…which led to “deadstick”, no power!  “FOD” comes in many sizes and shapes…from tiny to big.

 As I look at the de-powering of the Church in our nation, I am convinced it is not because of our political situation or another nation coming against us.  The loss of power has come from “FOD”!  Take a look at what we are counting on now to make ourselves feel better.  Take a gander at what we are accumulating in our garages as far as “things” that are a blast but still…we have to go and buy something else to get the “buzz” we just got over from our last purchase.  HOLD ON!  I’m not judging anyone…I fight the same temptations and “pull” too!

 Sometimes the FOD can be so tiny, it seems as though everything is ok but over time, the microscopic invasion created a nick in one of the critical parts, the damage can only be seen as time goes on.  But eventually…the tiniest of FOD caused the eventual total loss of power…and then a “deadstick”!  Many of us are “deadstick”in our walk with Christ because of FOD!

As Believers in Christ, our “FOD Screen” is the Holy Spirit of God!  Everything that has potential to cause a de-powering of our lives is met by protection and constraint.  When we live as if the Holy Spirit of God does not matter, we are running a serious risk, not knowing what damage it will cause us over time.  Busyness is FOD!  Laziness is FOD, pornography is FOD, alcohol is FOD, buying a bunch of junk that won’t last is FOD, ending a marriage to find happiness is FOD…anything that creates the potential to disrupt the power of God is FOD!  I know for a fact these are FOD…they have the potential to do much damage over time!  This is not my opinion at all…it’s real!

What holds me back from engaging in the things I used to do or the things of this world?  Personally, I ask God daily for the constraint of his Holy Spirit to hold me back, give me conviction, forge my life into a clean vessel for Him to get the glory from.  I win and I fail, and then I win and then I fail…hoping to someday be fully faithful and finish the race God has called me to run in this life.  I have not attained this yet but I press on towards it daily, wanting know Christ more…and not live by rights but by constraint!  When we let things back in from our past or take ourselves into “places” and “things” that were once constrained…it’s not being “delivered” from legalism at all…it’s true discipline to stay away from things that will cause a disruption in our witness or cause potential loss for kingdom work!  Besides, freedom is not doing what we want because of the Cross…freedom is to live as if we were bought for the highest price and only live in gratitude because of it!

Where is all of this coming from?  Rex, what are you trying to say here? Good questions!  It’s simple…we are living as if there is no end of life and we sure are investing more than we ought to on habits and things.  We are also living as if Jesus isn’t really coming back!  This, “I think God wants me to be happy” is a result of FOD somewhere in our past, when we began to let some things in that were once considered wrong.  Also, we invest way too little in eternal things and way too much in personal comfort.  I fight it hard but I refuse to let what I want overpower who God is to me!  This life is way to short to put so much in it and so little into eternity which is a loooooooong time.

Remember, no U-Haul’s are ever seen following a Hurst!  Besides, wouldn’t you rather your children remember you as generous and not a consumer?  How about forgiving rather than ending?  Do the kids need to learn about grace or rights by way of your life?

This is not for anyone but the Church!  I love the Church…not one judgmental bone or legalistic blood vessel is left in my body, it’s been beaten out of me with failures, trials and healed with grace!