Heading to the field!

I try, from time to time…post what I send to the many, many folks that pray for our ministry and financially support our ministry monthly and annually. This isn’t a “Blog” but it is where we are right now…

Join us!

Greetings to each of you!

We are fully engaged in that which God has called us to…REACHING the Nations (starting at home), TRAINING “Instigators” here to be multipliers of themselves as reachers and disciplers to others…DEPLOYING them, causing those to become “Instigators” in their own Nation!
It’s crazy…last year the vision was to REACH, TRAIN and DEPLOY…today we are REACHING, TRAINING and DEPLOYING…went from a vision to a ministry! WOW, and you are a part of this…THANK GOD for your heart to give and to pray for us, causing us to get to where we are today.
I just finished writing a “package” for all of our media: Website, Facebook and Newsletters…taking these to be used to the glory of God to tell our story: Who we are, What we do and Why, the benefits of a partnership with our ministry here and on the field. Saying that, it has taken me quite a while to get everything down on paper that is in my heart and soul of what we have been called to do. BUT, IT IS DONE! We will launch or new Website content in about a week, adding resources for our field partners in Brazil and Cape Verde to be able to grab at any time…and to get them networked with each other. Saying all of this…we are a few weeks late on our Newsletter simply because we are “fully engaged”…it is in writing right now…the hard part is putting everything that is going on…on ONE PAGE!!!!
We are in team training now with our “Inception Team” for Cape Verde, deploying March 29-April 11. I leave for Brazil March 21 with another pastor and dear friend to train possibly 50 or more lay leaders and pastors for a week and then send them into four rural cities that are under 4% evangelical. From there I head to Cape Verde on March 28 to meet our team, then back to Brazil for 2 days of debrief…then home for a month, Lord willing!
Prayer for us!
  • Team training and prep for seven team members going to Cape Verde, West Africa March 29-April 11. By name, pray for Joni, Phil, Alan, Jerry, Sandi, Marti and Rex as we go to serve and to begin setting up a reaching, discipling and church planting infrastructure in this Nation! Travel mercies, safety…and boldness for the cause of the Gospel of Christ!
  • Rex and Phil as we head to Brazil the week before to train nationals to reach lost cities. There are 54 of these in one state…pray as we go that Believers in Brazil will catch the vision of the Great Commission in their own nation!
  • Financial support…it is our desire to have Marti able to travel with me full time. We have asked the Lord for this simply because we believe it is His will. Pray for the adding of monthly financial partners to meet this desire and for some major field needs we have.
  • PRAISE…God is so blessing us with resources, people, finances…we are so grateful for the abundance of his hand every day! Join Marti and I in THANKSGIVING to the Lord for all He is doing in this ministry and our lives.
I am praying for YOU…to go with us on one of our teams this year! Check the coming Newsletter for 2013 team dates!
Marti and I love each of you!