Just returning from Cape Verde, it has taken me a few weeks to process just what I am able to report without running on and on…and on, of all God is doing!

We are now seeing fourth generation groups forming in what were previously unreached and unengaged villages!  When we began our work in Cape Verde in mid 2013, there was one church in the capital City of Praia.  Much has been invested in training Believers to reach and disciple others within the context of their culture.  We have seen four more churches birthed in the last year and six more groups started in villages ranging from 20km to 140km North of Praia.

The core of Believers being trained to evangelize and disciple others has gone from 12 to over 300.  This is just core leaders.  We are estimating there to be nearly 4500 Followers of Christ now in Cape Verde.  Evangelism and discipleship are moving in step with one another, keeping the Gospel message pure.  We are seeing a rapid progression of those being discipled, being able to disciple others with the same teaching they are receiving.  So, new Believers are become productive workers quickly…which is biblical and causes Kingdom work to occur as it did throughout the Book of Acts.

We are measuring Gospel movement by way of obedient Followers, not a show of hands.  We are not focusing on mass evangelism, but rather one on and small group encounters that will allow the Cape Verdians to embrace, encourage and train them.  Some of these groups are meeting weekly, some several times each week.  There is a tremendous hunger to get to know the Word of God and with the training we have been doing, the workers are well equipped to do this.

We have many field needs now.  We have much needed in the way of field funding, moving workers to key areas and soon, we will be mobilizing Cape Verdian’s to another Portuguese speaking nation to begin Gospel work there.

Stay tuned for more!


Rex Briant, Founder