I am in the NE of Brazil, working from the City of Paulo Afonso till May 27.  Marti (my wife) is coming in on May 22 and staying till June 21.  Our goal is to continue our work to trainer Believers to become “Instigators” of the Gospel, being trained and used by God to move the Gospel message in their homes, work places, sports, hobbies, schools and neighborhoods.  The hardest thing we have to deal with is getting the Pastors and Believers to NOT think about the Church being a building…but people!

It’s no wonder why Believers rarely share the Gospel and multiply themselves into others…when their goal is to get someone to go to church rather than BEING the church to the person they are seeking to reach!  Until I saw a real and changed life, going to church meant nothing more than “religion” to me.  It’s when a person began sharing who Christ is while we were at lunch and at the gym…and asking for forgiveness for the life they once lived and caused me to stumble too…the Gospel began to have skin and bones on it at that point…and compelled me to seek the truth!

The picture I attached to this Blog is of Phil Mark, Eryan and myself after a first time Bible Study group time in the main square of the city.  Eryan came to Christ that night 5 weeks ago and I am here to follow up with him and encourage him.  Also, to check in with the one assigned to disciple him.

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Pray for Marti and I as we encourage the Church and train Instigators!


Rex Briant,

From the Field!